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The colour dispenser ensures that exact quantities of various colour pigments are added to a base paint. This process is controlled by a computer with a database for more than 40,000 colours. CDS&C supplies dispensers for both small and large quantities of paint and colour paste. For each situation, we consider which machine best suits your needs. These dispensers are supplied with a computer with peripheral equipment.


The result of intensive further development between supplier and end-user, the HA450 is known as a highly reliable and accurate machine. Equipped with an electrically adjustable packing table, highly accurate piston pumps and the automatic cleaning system. The HA450 is extremely suitable for the DIY construction market, medium-sized shops or paint shops.


The HP500 is a simultaneous dosing machine with an ingenious sealing system and automatic cleaning system for the dosing orifice. This prevents paste drying and mis-colouring. The high dosing speed ( ± 0.3 litres per pasta line), due to the simultaneous piston pumps, guarantees a professional fast machine. The HP500 is perfect for use in large shops or paint shops.


The D410 is a simultaneous dosing machine based on bellow pumps. The cleaning of the dosing orifice and its closure is manual. Due to the simultaneous bellow pumps, the D410, with an average dosing rate of ±0.2 litres per pasta line, can be used in DIY and retail shops.


When it comes to functionality and usability, the Flex 500 is comparable to the HA150. Of the QA240 / Flex500, CDS&C has a varying stock of both new and used and reconditioned models.


The X-Smart automatic dispenser is a low budget machine that can be easily assembled by the end user. Very compact and extremely easy to use and maintain.


Developed specifically for the DIY and retail market, the HA150 requires minimal daily maintenance. An automatic cleaning system and reliable piston pumps, guarantee an accurate machine for the smaller and medium-sized paint shop.


CDS&C supplies eccentric and bi-axial shakers from Fast & Fluid and CPS for quick and efficient mixing of lacquers, wall paints and decorative plasters in their original sales packaging.


The GA450 is a mixer from Fast & Fluid that mixes packaging bi-axially. Unlike the SK and QO models that shake the pack eccentrically with a high frequency, the GA450 mixes the pack upside down and with a longitudinal axis rotation.


The SK450 is a robust further development of Fast & Fluid's SO400 tedder. Its appearance and size are largely similar to the SK350, but improved specifications such as, for example, automatic can/emitter detection and high and low pressure setting, make the SK450 an all-round machine for a medium to high volume point of sale.


Lenteq's QO-60 tedder is similar to the SK450 in terms of functionality and usability. We have a changing stock of both new and used and reconditioned models of the QO-60.


The SK350 is Fast & Fluid's entry-level model with a capacity of 35 kg. and is suitable for a low-to-medium volume point of sale. The manual, internal sliding door requires minimal set-up space. The 3 fixed shaking times guarantee easy operation.